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Neiman Reed’s top management is an integral part of day-to-day trading and work side-by-side with other traders and operational personnel to be responsive to the needs of our customers. That intensive effort every day makes a noticeable difference in the way we are able to conduct business.

We prefer our selling staff to be referred to as “traders”. Because lumber and plywood are a product of “scarcity” (i.e., availability dependent upon relations to suppliers with limited supply), a major component of successful forest products marketing is the timing and cost-effectiveness of the buy. Truly, the most successful salespersons are those who understand the dynamics of “trading”- securing the products through wise procurement and completing the transaction through a professional sales effort. Chances are your Neiman Reed sales representative has buying responsibilities and must devote hours each week to that end.

Each Neiman Reed employee is an important team member contributing directly to filling the needs of our customers. We have a long history of friendly, knowledgeable, and honest employees who represent the very best our industry has to offer. Whether you’re greeted by a Neiman Reed driver or by a Neiman Reed trading professional, we hope you’re treated with the courtesy and respect that you’d come to expect from an industry leader. Maybe that’s one reason why Neiman Reed has become “America’s Largest Stocking Distributor of Pine Commons.”

Bret Visciglia
General Manager
Tim Cheney
Lumber Trader
Scott MacKechnie
Director of Sales
John Maraganis
General Operations Manager
Jay Orendorff
Tomas Salazar
Zach George