Softwood Lumber & Plywood



“America’s largest stocking distributor of pine commons” – from the best Western producers.

#4 Common

Pine Commons Lumber

1 x 4 PP, SP, ES/LP
1 x 6 PP, SP, ES/LP
1 x 8 PP, SP, ES/LP
1 x 10 PP, SP, ES/LP
1 x 12 PP, SP, ES/LP
1×4 S1S2E (Product of 2 x 4 Utility)
1×6 S1S2E (Product of 2 x 6 #3 Dimension)

Pine Commons Lumber
  1. Two red edge knots. Heavy stain along one edge. Numerous pin and grub holes scattered through stain. Small streak of unsound wood.
  2. One red knot. One ½” knot hole. Also heavy stain. Pin worm and grub hole.
  3. Well-scattered red and black knots. Manufacturing mar on face. Small amount of wane on one edge.
  4. Medium to heavy stain over face. Heavu manufacturing mar, 12″ in length. Wane along one edge.
  5. Contains three red knots. Streaks of heart pith.
#4 Common