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Why Should You Choose Neiman Reed? Read On…

neiman-reed-lumber-yardThere are hundreds of wholesale distributors of pine commons in the United States. Who’s the largest? NEIMAN REED is ranked #1.

In California, Neiman Reed is also the largest stocking distributor of Doug fir uppers, clear pine boards, and RWL pine industrial lumber. #1 again.

We also carry an extensive inventory of hardwood lumber, plywood, furring strips, and dry dimension (including heat-treat stamped) – unquestionably the most diversified and best selection of wholesale forest product in California
#1 in selection.

Our vast inventory exists because our experienced traders sell it to over 900 active customers. Our staff averages over 20 years of trading experience. With companies with over ten traders,
NEIMAN REED is #1 in experience.

We have the most diversely knowledgeable staff in the industry with expertise in the full-grade spectrum of softwoods, hardwoods and panels. Ours is a staff that tries to enter into a true partnership with our customers, creating a win/win alliance. #1 again.

Nearly 90% of our customer orders are delivered ‘next day’. Service, product selection, experience, integrity NEIMAN REED has the resources, service and prices to help your business. And, we’ve been at it a long time – going strong since we started in 1948.




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